1. Launch it.
Launch Mouse Tractor by clicking on the icon “Mouse Tractor” . Typically by clicking on Start, Programs, Mouse Tractor.

2. Enter the delay between clicks in the Mouse Tractor box in tenths of seconds. 1 = 1/10 of a second
5 = ˝ of a second
10 = 1 second
100 = 10 seconds
Use caution when setting speeds! Setting an excessive speed can create problems for some programs or websites

3. If you are going to use the hotkey to start the tractor, position your mouse over where you intend to click. If you intend to use the start button, make sure Mouse Tractor is next to what you intend to click.
4. Start Mouse Tractor by pressing the Windows button and Z at the same time or by clicking the Start button contained in the program. Stop the program by doing the same action.